Arashi playing drunks! Those good old days of Shukudai-kun.

And the comment from Oguri-san - “Arashi, are you stupid?” Why yes thank you for asking…(but we wouldn’t have them any other way, right?)

Sakurai Papa loses political race


Something a little more serious to shake things up…the original article was really long so this is a summary.

This summer, many people who have never had interest in politics in Japan are now paying attention to it. The reason? Arashi’s Sakurai Sho. Sho-kun’s father, Sakurai Jun (60), who is the…

After much consideration I decided to write my own little op-ed about this and how Sho plays into everything. It’s here on my livejournal: read me!

I hope to hear what other people have to say about this! 


Rewatched the 80 second talks from Shukudai and it cracked me up as usual! 

Jun I can’t tell if you’re trying to scare away or seduce the master and Sho looks lovely in an apron as always…I’m sorry I couldn’t get a close up of Aiba…the camera didn’t zoom on him :(

LOL Aiba struggles…sometimes I wonder how this kid survived so long (some of his accidents have been quite dangerous)

When expectations do not quite meet reality…

And lol Matsujun always so honest


I’d like to point out that this time that Sho won food on GRA was when a politician (governor) guested…guess that Keio education didn’t go to waste ne ;)

Lol! Hi to you too Ohno! And sakumoto being completely oblivious…

Lol! Hi to you too Ohno! And sakumoto being completely oblivious…

Awww look at all that Yama <3

Yes Ohno-kun keep strutting it!

(and the tuna is very impressive also!)